User manual

The redmine plugin for test management.

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Impasse is composed of the following elements.


Manage test cases and suites

When you click on the Tests tab, a tree structure for test cases is shown. This tree is consist of 3 kinds nodes (project, test suite and test case).

When you right-click on the node of project or test suite, the context menu will be shown. If you select "Create" and "Test suite", the dialog for test suite will be shown.

If you select "Create" and "Test case", the dialog for test case will be shown.

Associate test cases with requirements

If the requirement tracker is set, "Requirements" menu will be shown in the upper right corner.

When click the "Requirements" link, the candidates of associating requirements will be shown. And when drag the requirement and  drop on a test case, the requirement will be associated with the test case.

Manage test plans

Test plan needs a version. If there are no version in the side menu, you should create the version first. To create the new test plan, click the "New test plan" link in the side menu.

Assign test cases to the test plan


Assign tester and expected date to a test case


Execute tests and issue a bug

execute_test execution_bug

Perform test execution

You can see statistics about the test plan at the "Statistics" tab.